Feed a Family Christmas Campaign 2021

24th November 2021

No one should face hunger at Christmas
…or wonder where their next meal is coming from.

This Christmas, the Southwark Foodbank is supporting over 100 additional families in Southwark with Christmas supermarket vouchers and parcels to support them during the the Christmas period. The vouchers give families the dignity of choice in what they eat over Christmas and aims to be inclusive of families who celebrate Christmas differently, or not at all. Every year, we run our Feed a Family Christmas programme in addition to the emergency support we give to local people in Southwark facing crisis.

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2021 was a hard year for many, especially with the recent announcement of the £20 cut in Universal credit and the increase in energy caps. It showed us just how many people survive on insecure, low incomes and rely on the foodbank to stay afloat and feed their families and loved ones. We one day wish to see the eradication of the foodbank entirely but whilst there is still a massive, growing need for it, our current mission is to help as many children, people and families as possible.

Between April 2020 and March 2021, the Southwark Foodbank supported 18,978 people in Southwark. 11,889 adults and a shocking 7,089 were children.

Southwark Foodbank has has seen as increase of 289% from the previous year. This just should not be happening. That is why Trussell Trust started the Feed a family campaign, to help these low income families alleviate some of their struggles over the Christmas period.

Every year, we run a Christmas programme, supporting families in the borough. This year, we continue that support and are preparing to support more people over the school holiday period, especially as more and more families rely on free school meals for their children.

To help support families facing crisis this winter, please click on the button below to donate and make sure no one in Southwark goes hungry this Christmas.

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