Bankuet: A new way to support Southwark Foodbank

2nd December 2019

Shopping online for the foodbank just became a lot easier

The Southwark Foodbank has launcehd a page with pilot site, Bankuet, an online store that is looking to offer a new way to support foodbanks. Bankuet allows you to choose the foodbank you want to support, go to their page and select the items you would like to buy, and they are t delivered, during a delivery slot arranged with the foodbank.

The aim of Bankuet, is to get foodbanks the food they need, when they need it.  Each page only has a selection of items that the foodbanks are short of, in an effort to reduce waste and avoid overstocking of items that foodbanks have enough of. Bankuet offers the option of individual items, as well as bundles of items to make the choice of what to buy, simple and straightforward.

So many of us already use online shopping for our groceries, why not use online shopping to support the foodbank?

We launched on the 22nd November 2019 and received our first donation of 81.28kg of food on the 27th November. The delivery came in crates, all ready to be weighed in and contained items from our Christmas bundles. It was a pleasure to receive a donation of food that’s needed, with no items we are overstocked on.

Help Southwark Foodbank support our local community when they find themselves in times of crisis and donate.

Visit Bankuet and see how easy it is to donate to a foodbank!



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