Trussell Trust #5weekstoolong report

19th September 2019

Today, the Trussell Trust released a new report on Universal Credit.

The report shows showing the consequences of the 5 week wait people face when going on to Universal Credit. It details how the 5 week wait can add to acute financial hardship faced by so many in the UK and how it worsens debt, housing insecurity and destitution. The Department for Works and Pensions has acknowledged problems with the wait and has made accommodations for particular higher risk groups to mitigate the impact on their day-to-day lives. While moves like this are welcome, they do not help people across the board.

If all you read of this report is the personal stories of people whose lives have been affected by Universal Credit, then you may start to understand the breadth of the impact it has.

We know that for people who do not face the same hardships, issues like this are hard to understand. It’s easy to dismiss and say “it can’t be that bad” or “I would be able to manage”. We ask that you take time to read, reflect and consider the perspective of other people that is being offered to you and give it a moment to understand another perspective.

These issues are a daily reality for people. It is their families that go hungry, their homes that they may have to leave, and their mental health that is suffering. Have compassion and be kind to the people in your community who are facing hardship.

Stand with us as we campaign for change in the #5weekstoolong campaign.

As always, support your local foodbank and donate food and funds to help us support those in financial hardship.

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