About our foodbank

Here is an introduction to our project.

The Southwark Foodbank is made up of five centres around Southwark, working with local community groups and churches to help address the need for emergency food provision in our area. We partner with other organisations to provide a More Than Food service to the people who come to us for help. We give people support and advice on a variety of issues that contribute to food poverty. We are also concerned for the wellbeing of people who visit our centres and have a duty of care to give them a listening ear and advice where we can.


We work with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) https://capuk.org/ who provide courses and leaflets on managing debt and helping people to get out of debt, we have a partnership with SHINE London https://shine-london.org.uk/, a fuel poverty referral network, helping people to reduce their energy use and bills. At some of our centres, we run life skills courses, aimed at helping people to learn life skills that help people cope through their situations. Most of our centres run a café alongside the foodbank session so that people have a place to sit and chat to someone and have a warm drink and something to eat while we help them. These cafés have proven to provide a sense of community for people and a safe space that they are welcome to return to, regardless of whether they still need the foodbank services or not.

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